Hang Over

All You Need To Know About Easing Hangovers

There are times one may find themselves over indulging in alcohol resulting to heavy heads the following morning. There are ways one can do to avoid hangovers if they know they will over indulge in alcohol.

  • Water. While having the favorite alcohol, one will visit the bathroom so frequently since alcohol is diuretic. To avoid feeling dehydrated in the morning, one should have in between water while taking the alcohol. While going to bed, about five liters of water will help that hangover feeling the next morning.
  • Carbohydrate boost. When you spend the whole night drinking, your blood sugars gets dangerously low which at times can be fatal since the liver reacts by producing more glucose than it should normally produce from the stored carbohydrates in he alcohol. One is therefore required to take food rich in carbohydrates such as cereals and toast to boost the carbohydrates to reduce the metabolism of the liver which will make you less tired and irritable.
  • Pre-party meal. Eating before drinking makes a big difference since the food will help in slowing the absorption of the alcohol in your blood stream. This will make you take long to get intoxicated hence less likely to feel sickly the following morning.
  • Eye for an eye. People have a tendency of drinking in the morning to try get rid of the hangover, which is a bad idea after all. This is very dangerous since it can make you dependant of the alcohol eventually leading you to be an alcoholic by trying to avoid the inevitable by consuming more to relieve the sickly feeling.
  • Sex. There is not definite prove that sex helps in relieving the bad hangover feeling but it helps in uplifting the moods if you are up for it since it will make you feel happy.