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Using Charming Asia Tours In Going To Laos


If I am thinking about the used Charming Asia Tours I have had then Laos just really jumps out at me as somewhere amazing. It seems to be more off the beaten track. We went through Thailand and Cambodia and Vietnam and they were all very cool places to visit. I mean Asia is really cool. But seems so different and not quite as touched by tourism yet.

And we just totally loved Luang Prabang. It was such an amazing city. It was such a pity we only had one day there. Not even a day because I think it was only about 20 hours. If we could we would have stayed longer. The place just had a really nice atmosphere about it. It was really beautiful and surrounded by water. It definitely had that come here atmosphere especially if you arrive by boat.

To me Luang Prabang narrows this romantic idea of the east. Like the kind of thing you would see in a movie. The kind of almost Hollywood idea of what South East Asia is meant to look like. But it is just going on with its life. It is not fake at all and everything you see is real. It is beautifully preserved. They have obviously invested a lot in keeping it looking that way. It does not feel like it is densified. It does not feel like it is artificially that way. It is just a really beautiful place and so relaxing to able to sit down in a cafe and have a good cup of coffee. It was such a beautiful feeling to be able to sit down and have some drinks.

It has got that old feel like and one of those model feel at the same time. It is a beautiful city listed the old time. And what I really loved about it was the night markets. They were the biggest markets I have ever been to. And I have been to a lot of markets. The products on sale in Luang Prabang are really high quality and really nice. That is what got me. They were truly local products and truly artisanal products at the same time. I really like the soft cloth books with pictures in there and you can get them personalized or hand stitched and hand painted.

One of the tourists on our tour even requested a special one with certain animals in the design. The people there made it for her and she got it immediately on the next day. I thought that was awesome. It did not cost anymore to have it done because they were going to be making it anyway. And so that was brilliantly amazing.

The morning markets were cool as well. The food markets were a sight to see actually. We did not do any shopping there. We kind of walked through just to have a look before we jumped on the bus. I think I should go back there with a decent camera sometime.